Science, science fiction, or just plain rubbish

Dr. Neville Thomas Jones, Ph.D.

An article by Marcus Chown in The Independent of 7th July, 2004 (Review, pages 8-9), entitled "Highly strung," with my comments in square brackets alongside, stated that,

  • "It came out of nowhere like an express train in the night. Only it wasn't an express train – it was an entire universe, hurtling towards our own from a higher dimension." [Wowzers!]
  • "Before the collision, our universe was an empty, aching void. Afterwards it ignited, exploding outwards in an unstoppable firestorm of light and matter." [Unstoppable. Yeah. ... Funny how it's stopped now, though.]
  • "Is this a description of the Big Bang?" [That's the fairy tale of the universe being initially compressed into a point so small that it doesn't exist, so how another universe could "smash" into it (see below) is a tad confusing.]
  • "Is everything we see, out to the very farthest reaches probed by our telescopes, merely the wreckage of a titanic collision between universes? A group of physicists from Britain and America think it is. They call the colliding-universe scenario the 'ekpyrotic universe' [Eeeek], from the Greek for 'born out of fire'. They say the cosmic smash that triggered the Big Bang may not have been the first. ‘Before the Big Bang, there was another Big Bang and, before that, another, stretching way back into the mist of time,’ says Neil Turok from the University of Cambridge." Chown goes on, "Turok and Steinhardt … visualise the four-branes as two-dimensional objects – like the two slices of bread in a sandwich …" [Slices of bread are actually three-dimensional objects, but clearly the imagination of Cambridge physicists has been affected by something other than yeast.]

I did 'A'-Levels in Pure Maths, Applied Maths, Physics and Computer Science, but it seems now as though the Physics degree courses require 'A'-Levels in Physics, Maths, Atheism and Self-Induced-Mental-Paralysis.

Yep, Canon Kopernik's suggestion is certainly producing plenty of fruit. The trouble is that the piles of this putrid, rotting fruit are growing at a far faster rate than they can be shovelled away. This is the standard of material that the West's indoctrination (sorry, education) establishment has produced.

"The good tree cannot make bad fruit nor can the bad tree make good fruit." (Mt. 7:18.)